Christmas Is Near: Santa Run
By Stafford Volunteers
November 3, 2017

Details of the "Santa Run".......coming soon.


Chris Meadowcroft November 05, 2017 at 10:07 AM
My Wife and 4 kids are really looking forward to this. I'm the Store Manager for Reeds Jewelers in Potomac Mills and will only get 2 days off in December. I'm going to make sure that one of them is for this. We moved into our new house in Bells Valley on Doria Hill Dr. I'm a 35 yr old big kid and remember seeing Santa on the fire truck as a little boy and it was the grestest memory of "Santa" actually. The music, the spotlight on him, lights, it was perfect. Please bring Santa through this NEW neighborhood!!! Hey, could Reeds Jewelers SPONSOR this with a banner on the fire truck as Santa goes through each neighborhood?? Please let me know the donation amount we would need to meet for this if it's at all possible. Reeds Jewelers is the Largest Family Owned Jewelry Store in the country...still owned and operated in America. Sadly, Kay, Zales, Jared, etc are one big chain now owned by a European company named Signet Jewelers. Good for Reeds though to still be the real deal! Please let me know soon. Thank you for serving your community each day and GOD BLESS.