2022 Snow Storm with the Stafford Volunteer Fire Department
By Marcel Muise
January 7, 2022

Your SVFD volunteers (Company 2) stayed busy throughout this week's snow storm. On top of watching out for their own families, homes, neighbors, and businesses, we are proud to say volunteers kept apparatus staffed throughout the storm! Company 2 took 59 calls including a wide range of emergencies, auto accidents, and medical calls. We want to thank all of Stafford for their support.

Special thanks to the personnel who staffed through the worst, some as much as 72 hours Straight.
Asst. Chief P. Cantwell
Captain A. Heaser
Master Tech, P. Byers
Tech. T, Jacobs
FF E. Abbott
FF J. Sydow
FF A. Byers
AC L Abbott
Master Tech. J. Burkhammer
Master Tech M. Mitchell

24 Alarm Bells
8 Motor Vehicle Accidents
2 Fire-related
2Residential fires
19 Medicals
1 Misc.
3 Smell of smoke/gas