Have you ever wondered who your Stafford Volunteers are?
By Stafford Volunteer Fire Department
July 16, 2023

We will feature a new member each week until you’ve met all of your active volunteers, starting with our Fire Chief.

Member Profile: Chief Allen Heaser

Why did you become a firefighter?
-I joined the fire service to just volunteer my time to show my kids a good role model gives back and helps people.

What about being a firefighter do you enjoy most?
-Taking risks to help people in their time of need and doing what others may not do to help others is what I enjoy about firefighting the most.

How long have you been a firefighter?
-At the end of this year, will mark my 14th year in the fire service.

When did you join the SVFD?
-I join Stafford Volunteer Fire Department in 2011.

What do you do for a living?
-I quickly learned as a volunteer that my love for this job would surpass all past career choices. I am a career fireman to make my living.

What is your greatest memory of your time with the SVFD?
-My greatest memory within the SVFD will always be the camaraderie that takes place in emergencies, being there for your crew and being someone that can pass down what others have passed down to me.

What positions have you held within the SVFD?
-Senior personnel within the SVFD have taught me to work hard and earn my way through every position up to Fire Chief within the Stafford Volunteer Firemen’s Association.

Engine or Truck?
-As for apparatus that I prefer, you must be willing and effective on any apparatus you were put on. If I were given a choice of where to ride, it would be bossing the Truck with no protection of a hose line, leading a crew with the highest priority of ensuring victims get out of harms way.

What advice would you give someone who wants to become a firefighter?
- Advice. I would give to anyone wanting to be a volunteer firefighter or possibly make this a career. Be willing to never stop learning even when they think you know it all. There’s something new to learn to help you save people and perfect the job. Always be willing to put in the extra work. If you’re not the hardest working person on your crew, you’re doing it wrong.