Hello everyone, it’s Technician Tuesday!
By Stafford Volunteer Fire Department
July 18, 2023

(Yes, we made that up 🤫)Let us introduce you to another one of our volunteers!

Member Profile: Andrew “Airport” Dennison

Why did you become a firefighter?
-I became a firefighter through luck of the draw. It was assigned as my MOS in the United States Marine Corps, and I loved the job so much I decided to keep with it.

What about being a firefighter do you enjoy most?
-knowing that I’m able to make a difference in the communities I serve.

How long have you been a firefighter?
-Just a little over 4 years.

When did you join the SVFD?
-I joined SVFD in 2020

What do you do for a living?
-I continued with firefighting as a career. Working for Fort Belvoir Fire and Emergency Services.

What is your greatest memory of your time with the SVFD?
-Santa Runs in 2020. Being able to put smiles on people’s faces was priceless in a dark moment of the world.

What positions have you held within the SVFD?
-I have been a Firefighter and was recently promoted to Technician.

Engine or Truck?
-Truck work, no contest. While I enjoy being an Engine driver, or even riding the line. Nothing beats the exertion of doing searches, tossing ladders, and going to the roof.

What advice would you give someone who wants to become a firefighter?
-Once you get your foot in the door, stay physically fit, and NEVER stop learning. There’s always something new to learn in the fire service.