It’s finally Saturday, and we’re finally doing another member introduction!
By Stafford Volunteer Fire Department
July 29, 2023

Member Profile: Master Tech Mark Mitchell

Why did you become a firefighter?
- I grew up around it, Company 2 specifically. My grandfather, dad and 2 of my brothers were members with SVFD.

What about being a firefighter do you enjoy most?
- These days it’s split between watching new firefighters when they finally understand things and experiencing the relief and gratitude of people when you help them or their family.

How long have you been a firefighter?
- 17 or 18 years now.

When did you join the SVFD?
- I officially joined back in 2005 as a Junior. But I’ve been around since I was in diapers.

What do you do for a living?
- I’m a paid fireman for a neighboring jurisdiction.

What is your greatest memory of your time with the SVFD?
- That will always be the people. Whether it be the people you’ve helped or the brothers and sisters in the department, this job is all about the people.

What positions have you held within the SVFD?
- I’m currently the Master Tech of Training, I’ve been a Jr Firefighter to Lieutenant and everything in between. I’ve also served on the Board of Directors and currently serve as the Vice President.

Engine or Truck?
- My position of choice is the Truck chauffeur, but I’m happy to ride anywhere.

What advice would you give someone who wants to become a firefighter?
- There’s a lot more to this than you think. Be prepared for hard work and give it your all, the people that call on you deserve 100%. And always continue to learn new things and practice the things you already know.